father holding son in the air.

5 Reasons Men Need Postpartum Groups Too!

I regularly attend monthly meetings for 4 different support groups (postpartum, breastfeeding, natural birth, and birth advocacy). I joined these groups after I had my first, and only, child. These groups have great women, conversations, and support. I often leave these meetings feeling refreshed, that I am part of a community, and supported.
As a family we experienced many changes after having our son (limited sleep, moving to a different city, my husband starting a new job, and me remaining on maternity leave, to name a few). Even if we had not experienced all those extra changes, our family still increased from two to three, and it was a pretty big deal!
I’m so grateful that I found and a part of these groups, but what about my husband? A friend of mine’s husband recently has tried to start his own dad’s group. I think this is a great idea! Here are some reasons why:

Men are going through huge transitions

Yes, I have gone through huge transitions this past year, but so has my husband. Our demanding and amazing little son has totally changed our world. While we are so grateful for our little man, we also both have needed time to process our new lives and identities. With the birth of our son, my husband became a father and primary bread-winner. Two roles with a lot of responsibility. As we have figured out our new roles, I have had great support from encouraging women. My husband on the other hand, has been left to navigate these tricky waters alone.

Men need to vent too

Life is often busy, with many ups and downs. Venting or talking is a good way to process the events of life. It’s also helpful to do said venting with people who are going through similar experiences; they are often more understanding.

Men need guy talk

Men and women often communicate differently. Yes, my husband can also talk to me, but sometimes he really just needs to speak to another guy.

Men need to do “guy” things

My husband and I have many similar interests and activities that we like to do together; but not all of them. That’s okay. We would probably drive each other crazy if we spent every moment together. Personally, I like when he gets guy time. He comes back refreshed, often with a more positive perspective. Plus, most importantly, he gets to do those boring guy things, while I don’t have to.

Men have feelings too

Often society expects men to be (and they often are), the rock, the comforter, the fixer, and the strong one. But, who is taking care of them?
What are some other reasons men need support groups? What support groups for men are near you?
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