Postpartum Date Night Ideas

5 Postpartum Date Night Ideas: Without ever leaving your house!

Making connections with your significant other often is difficult while both try to adapt to life with a little one. The postpartum period is a wonderful time to bond with your bundle of joy. However, it can also be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Sometimes the last thing couples want to do is – well, do ANYTHING ELSE! However, just as the baby is a priority, so should your relationship.

Men and women both need touch and connection. Women often feel “touched-out” from all the nurturing, breastfeeding, and bonding that goes on day and night with their newborn, especially during the many growth-spurts and developmental milestones that are happening ALL THE TIME. Women still need to feel desired, attractive, and cared for. Men often need to feel that they have not been replaced by the baby, and that they are still desired as well. The good news is that you can have this special time together without leaving your house or spending a lot money. You can even do these activities with your newborn, or arrange for someone to watch your baby close by.

  1. Play a Game – Play a board or card game. This activity does not need a lot of effort and may also give the two of you the opportunity to talk. Hey, you can even go wild and make a wager – See where the night takes you 😉 If your newborn is with you, take turns holding/baby-wearing baby.
  2. Have a Picnic – Spread out a blanket and have your favorite meal. Talk, drink some sparkling wine, and even light some candles.
  3. Rent a Movie – Rent a movie from Netflix, Amazon, MGO – whatever your favorite go-to-movie app is these days. Nowadays, it’s as easy as clicking a button to rent a movie. Eat some food, snuggle, hold hands, and enjoy.
  4. Bubble bath – Now that the 2 of you have gotten all sweaty from playing that board game and eating, take a bubble bath together. Talk, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and sink into the bubbles. Baby wants to join you? No biggie, make it a family affair – Many babies also find baths relaxing.
  5. Massage – Take turns giving each other massages. Go all out – light some candles, play some relaxing instrumental music, and rub on some oil. (It’s not a real massage without massage oil!) A sleeping or breastfeeding baby may be necessary, but it can still be done!

As you have read, date nights can be simple and inexpensive. Just enjoy each others company, reconnect, establish touch, and remember to have fun!

What inexpensive postpartum date activities did you and your partner try?


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