How to Start Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers – Now What?

Cloth or disposable? It seems like an easy question, right?

I never intended to cloth diaper. My husband was actually the first person to ask “cloth or disposables”? I gave him a “duh” look and said “I’m not doing cloth diapers!” I really had no clue about cloth diapers. I thought prefolds (those thick large cloths) were burp cloths! I knew my mother had cloth diapered me, meaning she dunked the diapers in the toilet and put plastic pants on . . . hmm, no thank you! My first look at today’s cloth diapers was at the last class of my Birth Boot Camp childbirth class. After that class, I thought “hmm . . . maybe I could do that”. If you are curious about why anyone would want to cloth diaper, click here.


Deciding to cloth diaper can be overwhelming because there are so many options. I spent many hours researching the meaning of different cloth diapering terms, options, costs, etc. Doing this research gives you some background knowledge. I found Kelly’s Closet and ZukaBaby websites helpful.


The biggest help was going into a local store (I was living in New Orleans at the time) and asking for help. You can also find help in Lafayette, as well. Once you get to touch and see everything, it begins to make a lot more sense!


Most people that cloth diaper like to talk about it. They can spend hours discussing the pros and cons of each type of diaper, cleaning routine, or accessory that may be needed. When I first started, I asked my childbirth educator for tips, since she was the only person I knew at the time that cloth diapered. Plus, it was her fault I had turned to cloth! Once my friends learned that I cloth diaper, I had many other friends that likewise asked for some advice. Don’t know anyone that cloth diapers? Go to a La Leche League meeting. Many mothers that go to those meetings often have a lot of knowledge about cloth diapering and babywearing.


Shopping is the fun part! There are so many cute styles to pick from. Try a variety of brands and types of diapers, then experiment what works best for your family. My favorite shell brands are Thirsties (especially for a newborn) and Rumparooz (when they get a little bigger). I like that they have double gussets and more elastic. I think rumparooz have more cute designs, but they are also more expensive. I also like cotton and hemp for prefolds.

There are so many things to discuss, when talking fluff (cloth). Stay tuned. In the meantime – Good luck, and happy diapering!

I teach parenting and childbirth classes in Lafayette, LA, and serve clients as a childbirth doula. I also cloth diaper my active son. For more information about me and my services, visit M.Y. Birth & Baby.


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