7 Disadvantages to Pregnancy

7 Cons of Pregnancy

Some women like being pregnant, and others not so much. Earlier this week, I wrote about how much I loved being pregnant. However, I can also understand why some women don’t love pregnancy. Here are some common pregnancy annoyances:


The first 16 weeks of my pregnancy were pretty miserable due to morning sickness. My worst pregnancy fear came to life. I do not tolerate nausea very well, so the first trimester was rough. If you did not experience morning sickness (or sick-all-the-time sickness), you are awesome and please share your secrets! It did go away though, and once the happy hormones kicked in it was smooth sailing!


People see a pregnant belly and all social boundaries go out the window. Random strangers will put their hands on your belly, sometimes without even asking. I didn’t mind friends and family touching my belly, but someone I didn’t know, and without asking?! Would you do this to anyone else? BOUNDARIES PEOPLE! Some people love their bellies touched; you can read that blog here.


At a certain point, it’s obvious that you are pregnant. And people LOVE to talk about it! A lot! For some women, especially if their bump pops out early in their pregnancy, they will hear this discussion often. At first many don’t mind, because they are so excited about the baby. However, after months and months of talking about their growing body, the topic starts to wear on them. OK, I’m HUGE; I get it!


Tell someone that you are planning a natural birth, and everyone and their mother will come out of the woodwork to share their or their aunt’s first-cousin’s co-worker’s horrible birth. Hearing these stories are not helpful to a pregnant mother, especially a first-time mom! Instead, tell her how awesome she is doing and ask how to support her.


For the most part, after the first trimester, I was relatively comfortable. My biggest complaint was heartburn. For some women though, they can experience a variety of nuisances, such as general aches and pains, sciatica, heartburn, constipation, and gas . . . lovely right!? Chiropractic care, exercise, and massage can greatly help with these discomforts.


Pregnancy brain is real! I didn’t believe in it until I experienced it first-hand. Some say that it goes away after a while, others say it just turns into mommy-brain. I’m 17 months postpartum, and I’m still waiting for it to go away. . .


Like many major life events, pregnancy can be expensive. You SPEND a lot of MONEY in a short period of time – A care provider, childbirth education, birth place, doula, nursery, and baby gear can all add up quickly. Tip – focus more on the birth preparations than the nursery. Newborns don’t need much in the beginning.

What drove you nuts while pregnant? Comment below!

I am a certified doula, childbirth and parenting educator. I am also a nurse, breastfeeding and cloth diapering mom. For more information about me and my services visit M.Y. Birth & Baby.


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