5 Reasons to Take Positive Discipline

5 Reasons to Join a Positive Parenting Class

Want to be a positive and gentle parent? Take a Positive Parenting Class! These classes use Positive Discipline parenting techniques, philosophy, and many tools for parenting. Instead of focusing on rewards or punishments, parents focus on teaching and encouraging their children. Here are some reasons why you should check out a class today:


Using the Positive Discipline approach encourages problem-solving. Problem-solving is often a daily requirement of life. If you want your child to figure things out, start teaching them at a young age. Some opportunities for problem-solving are letting them play with a difficult toy without interfering, dividing chores among family, disagreements among family members, and scheduling family activities. If they struggle with a solution, you can help them brainstorm, but often they will come up with great ideas. Let them!


These classes help parents learn ways to meet their and their child’s needs. Most people feel better and do better when they feel respected. Would you be happy remaining at a job where you didn’t feel respected or appreciated? Probably not. The same thing goes for children. It is important to respect where they are at, no matter how trivial you may think it is. It is also important to respect yourself and your needs. As parents there is a certain amount of sacrifice that comes with the territory. However, it is not healthy for you, or your child, if your needs are not met as well.


Whenever I see a conversation going nowhere, I pause, and think about the communication tools taught through Positive Discipline. I use these skills in all area of my life, not just with parenting. Communication is crucial to better understanding people, negotiating, and getting needs met. What a great skill to pass on to our children!


Positive Discipline teaches that a misbehaving child is often a discouraged child. By encouraging your child, they will be more likely to keep trying, even when they make mistakes or experience difficulties. This perseverance is often needed when navigating through life. It’s important to not confuse encouragement with praise and rewards. Encouragement spurs on self-motivation. On the other hand, when children receive praise and rewards, they are looking for validation from someone else, instead of themselves.


Last, but certainly not least, is that these classes are fun! Bring your friends, the more the merrier! I don’t lecture, as you struggle to pay attention. Instead, we interact and work together through various activities and role-playing.

I’m currently teaching classes in Lafayette and Eunice, LA. Check out a class today!

I am a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. For more information about me and my services, visit MY Birth & Baby.


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