5 Reasons Everything Takes Longer with a Baby

5 Reasons Families are Often Late

Getting ready with a child automatically increases the time it takes to get ready. If you don’t have kids, it may be hard to understand why it takes so long when they are so little.

Before I had my son, I only needed 45 minutes to get ready. As mentioned in Singlehood to Parenthood, I now usually have to allot 2 hours of “getting ready” time. Here are some reasons why EVERYTHING (except personal time) takes longer when trying to head out the door:


Babies need to eat, and they eat more frequently than us.

My son is now almost 18 months, so I do think this has gotten easier, but man those newborn days were rough! My getting ready routine consisted of nursing baby for 45 minutes, hoping he would fall asleep, take a 5 minute shower, comfort baby while trying to get dressed, change baby’s diaper, and breastfeed again. This doesn’t account for any surprises (A.K.A. vomiting, poop . . .).

If your child is formula fed, this also takes more time. You have to mix the formula, heat it (if you do that), and feed baby. There is also the extra step of packing bottles and more formula.

Additionally, depending on how long your travel time may be, some parents have to stop along the way to feed their baby again. Those darn cute little stomachs . . .


In the newborn phase, they poop a lot! Most families go through 8-12 diapers a day to keep baby’s bum dry. Babies also often spit up, which can mean cleaning up the mess, and changing yours and your baby’s clothes, depending on how bad. This can happen at any time.Often right before you are trying to walk out the door.


The carseat situation has been more of a new thing for me. As a newborn I brought my son almost anywhere, but now that he is an active almost 18 month old, I sometimes need people to watch him while I teach classes or have certain appointments. So, I often have to reinstall the carseat into my babysitter’s vehicle. I’ve gotten pretty efficient, but still, you have to factor that 5-10 minutes in your travel time.


I even noticed that my husband started taking longer to get ready, especially during the newborn phase. He found it difficult to multitask while watching the baby, so he often sat with or held the baby while I was getting ready. Problem is, at some point he needs to also get ready. If we both take turns, it takes twice as long. This is when parenting starts getting creative!


The constant mess has gotten worse as my son has gotten older. It’s great that he can entertain himself while I get ready, however, that often equals Tupperware, shoes, toys, and whatever else he finds being scattered along the floor. When I am ready to go, I try to make a quick circular sweep picking up the toys, but I have to be fast, or he’ll find more as I am doing that!

There you have it, just a few reasons why THAT family is ALWAYS LATE! Give them some love and grace because parenting littles is hard and at least they were brave enough to venture out!

Why are you often late? Comment below!

I teach parenting and childbirth classes in Lafayette and Eunice, Louisiana. I am also a doula, breastfeeding and cloth diapering mother. For more information about me and my services, visit M.Y. Birth & Baby.


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