Birthing when the Unexpected Happens

Birthing Among the Unexpected

Birth can often be slow, calm, and uneventful – You know, besides the beautiful newborn that is born. However, like life, sometimes crazy or unexpected things happen while in labor. So, I asked some of my fellow Birth Boot Camp  instructors and doulas for their stories. Here are some of the stories they shared:


For me, it got a little dark during my home birth – literally. The power company decided to schedule a power outage while I was in labor. After a couple of hours, our midwife finally called the company and said, “We need the electricity back on, this is an emergency; we are having a home birth”. Within minutes of her call, the lights were back on. It wasn’t exactly an emergency, but my birth team appreciated being able to see again!


What do you get when you combine a birth, donkey, and a good Samaritan? You get the birth of Hailie’s fourth child, of course!

With my 4th baby, we got held up in traffic in a residential area. There was an injured donkey standing in the road. Yes, in a residential area. Some good Samaritans got it moved and called a vet down the street for help.” – Hailie Sue Wolfe of Abilene, TX


“I had a client whose midwife flooded the birth room and water was going down the hall. She was at a 10 and pushing and got in the tub anyway but had to get out and go to another tub because the 1″ of standing water was obviously unsafe for everyone.” – Caren Nugent of DFW, TX

I’m sure I would have just gotten in that tub also, if I had been that mom. However, I can’t imagine being a doula and wading through water to assist my client!


Sometimes, labor just progresses really well, and the Dad has the unexpected experience!

“At my first doula birth, the dad had a phobia about hospitals so he waited until the last second to come to the hospital. Less that 20 mins after he got there, as his wife was on her hands and knees, he accidentally caught his son. The nurse had stepped out and the doctor wasn’t there yet. It was just me, him, his mom and my client. His face was priceless. He was in shock.” – Stephanie Trosclair of Lafayette, LA


And last, but not least . . .

“I delivered on a lobby floor, I had a client whose hubby’s appendix burst, one whose hubby fell and hit his head on the sink and got a concussion….power outages, tornado warnings where we evacuated to the hospital halls…” – Maria Pokluda of DFW, TX

Maria was one of my Birth Boot Camp DOULAS trainers, and has been to hundreds of births. So, I guess with experience, also comes the knowledge that the unexpected can definitely happen!

Did something crazy happen during your labor or birth? I would love to hear about it! Comment below!

I am a Nurse, Doula, Childbirth & Parenting Educator. I serve the Acadiana area of Louisiana, including Lafayette and Eunice. For more information about me and my services, visit M.Y. Birth & Baby.


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