4 Ways to get Things Done with a Baby.

4 Hacks for Getting Things Done With Baby

It can be hard to complete tasks on your to-do-list when you have children. Here are some ideas that may allow you to check a few things off your list:


Babywearing is a great way to meet both mom and baby’s needs. Babywearing is a way to recreate the womb; it provides warmth, bonding, and closeness, while also giving the wearer the use of their hands. The material used can be cute as well.


In the newborn days, when I wanted to take a shower, I would nurse my son and then put him in a bouncer in the bathroom with me. He was safe, I could hear him, and I could take a shower – a win-win!


Now that my son is almost 18 months, my husband and I give our son a bath or shower at the same time we take one. This saves time and our backs and knees. Reaching over the tub can be rough on your body! It helps that he LOVES baths and anything involving water, and often whines to get in the tub if he sees us taking a shower without him.


I try to get most of my cleaning done when my son is awake, so that I can work during nap-time. This can be hard because he likes to be all over me when I’m doing anything. So, I started involving him. This is beneficial for many reasons – It distracts him, builds his self-esteem because he has a purpose, he’s included instead of ignored, trained to do chores for when he is developmentally able to do them solo, burns energy, and allows me to get chores done while keeping my sanity. It does take a little longer than it would by myself, but what doesn’t? Almost everything takes longer with children.

Overall, though, I feel it takes less time because I don’t have to frequently stop what I’m doing while he is trying to get my attention. At almost 18 months, my son is able to open, push, carry, and pick up most things. Some chores my son helps with are feeding the animals (we have cats, dogs, and horses), vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, and picking up toys.

Grandfather and Grandson Working on the Farm

My son helping his grandfather feed the horses.

How do you get things done with your little one? Leave your comments below!

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